REPLACES Jabsco Impeller 673-0001-P

REPLACES Jabsco Impeller 673-0001-P


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Product Description:
Replacement For Water Pump Impeller Jabsco Inboard OEM 673-0001,

Johnson Inboard OEM 09-1026B,

VOLVO PENTA Inboard OEM 804696, 875808-8, 3593659, 3586497, 897055, 21951344, 22222936,

PERKINS Inboard OEM 24880194

CEF Inboard OEM 500116,

JMP Inboard OEM 7051,

SIERRA Inboard OEM 18-3030,

Mallory Inboard OEM 9-45702,

DJ PUMP Inboard OEM 09-108-0601.

Drive type: Slotted Shaft Pin Drive

Product Specifications:

Materials: The strongest marine and chemical corrosion resistant metal alloy and scientifically engineered high performance neoprene rubber..

Impeller weight: Apprx. 30g

Number of Blades: 6

External Diameter: 51.00 MM / 2.01 Inch,

Internal Diameter: 12.70 MM / 0.50 Inch,

Shaft Depth: 22.00 MM / 0.87 Inch,


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